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This is a story about me. I went to Our Redeemer Luthern School in K-5 grade. Every year until 4th grade I went to summer school every summer. 5th-7th grade I went to summer school during the summer. I wrote many stories in summer school and that all of them the teahers like them. . I improved on my social skills since 6th grade and before then I had a lot of problems talking with other people. Now in AOP the classes was and still is a little easier on me then my old school. Finally I graduated High school and is off to college. Im now in KCC becoming a full fleged student there.


Im decent in progaming in, html, java, and c++. I read some books on programing. I'm good at word, excel, dreamweaver, flash, and drawing. These skills I've improved over time. I still have problems with social skill due to the fact I have slight austism.

There I am...Daniel Ken Miyasato...Graduated High school..Hope you like the pictures of me....


Story about my first expirence with my autism UPADATED AS OF AUGUST 22, 2005

My Life With Autism

By: Daniel K Miyasato

I sat down in my seat and looked left and right. The other students beside me looked at me strangely and whispered to each other. Not only were the students looking at me strangely, but the teacher was as well. What were they saying to one another? Did I mess up again? I felt confused and wanted to know what the heck was going on. Just then, the principal of my school came in with my parents and asked me to come outside. That’s it! I guessed I messed up. I could see the other students looking at me. They probably thought out loud to themselves, “Good riddance, that guy is gone.” I felt so sad, why didn’t anybody like me? This was going to change in the principal’s office; I found out there that I was autistic.

In the principal’s office, the principal and my parents were looking at me like they were about to burst out in tears, which showed me that this problem I was having in school was a serious matter. I didn’t know what autism was and why I needed help? Also, this problem could explain why I had no other friends or maybe why I was messing up in class. Then I heard that autism is a condition where parts of the brain were not working, which makes it harder for those with autism to communicate. Wow!! That is why I had been acting up in class. That was why I had no friends in my school. It didn’t seem fair to me that I had to have a handicap, which affected my social skills, while everybody else’s social skills didn’t need as much work.

I felt so left out and felt as though God had abandoned me. He gave me autism as soon as I was born and there is no way I can rid myself of this disability. Autism made it harder for me to make friends. Autism was probably the reason that the other children hated me.

Mom and dad hugged me and told me, “Now we know why you were acting up in class and we know it wasn’t your fault.” They wouldn’t blame me or yell at me whenever I did something wrong. I began to break down in tears, but I held all my sadness about my newly found problem inside. I hugged my mom and dad for understanding my disability. I knew that deep down inside my mom and dad loved me a lot and wanted only the best for me. If only I heard that I had autism sooner before 4 th grade, maybe I would be fine by now. I knew my life was still going to be tough from then on with this newly found autism problem, but for the first time I knew what the problem was.

I went home after I heard the depressing news about my newly found autism and suddenly it hit me. Autism does make me smarter, but it weakened my social skills. I felt as though God made me a robot. I’m smarter like a robot and do what I needed to get by, but my social skills are lacking tremendously just like a robot. I laid down in bed and thought to myself, “I will be on the streets in the future and I have no life here on earth. I will fail high school and fail college and never make a single friend in my life.”

I started to cry. I remembered hearing in school from the other students in my class, “Only babies cry and you are dumb. You will fail. We’re glad you will fail because we said so. You should just give it up. Hah ha hah, loser.”

I wanted to tell my mother what the other students were saying to me, but I knew that would do me no good. Mom would break down in tears like I did since she has depression. Depression is when she feels everything is hopeless and lies down in bed feeling sorry for herself. She won’t leave her room until the depression goes away. Her depression also won’t go away immediately either. She might be like that for a week or even a month. She will especially feel terrible after I tell her the bad news. I don’t want mom to get depressed because I told her the way the other students were treating me in the school. If I told her, it would be my fault if she gets depressed. I love my mom very much and decided to hold off telling her the truth and to deal with the problem myself.

I went to school the next day and heard more ranting from the other students. “Hah, you have autusom! You stink more then…ugh…we do. You better…ugh…not get near us…ugh…or anyone else.” I agreed even though I knew agreeing was wrong and even though they couldn’t pronounce autism correctly. I felt the only reason I was in school was just to learn and get smarter. I tried to convince myself that the other students didn’t matter to me at all. But all the mean words the other students told me in the school hurt me deep down inside and I just couldn’t stand holding the problem in anymore. I wanted to tell my mom and dad what the other students were saying to me, but all my explanations would end in failure if I send mom into depression. Also, dad was too busy to hear these words. I dealt with all the other students teasing and harassing until the end of school and went home. The other students laughed at me and I decided that nobody cared about me in the school anymore. Why be at school?

I arrived home with tears on my face, which I wiped away. I had plenty of anger towards the school I went to. I decided that nothing could be done about the way the other students were treating me. I gave up all hope and decided that I was never going to school again since the other students there were attacking me with such harmful words. I felt that the only place I could live happily was home since nobody hates me there.

I then walked to the T.V. to forget about what was happening and turned it on. The Care Bears came on, which was one of the only shows that made sense to me. The Care Bears said, “Love one another as you would yourself. Also you should share your feelings as it makes you feel cozy inside.”

I wished that the other students at my school were like the Care Bears since the Care Bears have no hate or remorse even towards the bad guys. The students at my school weren’t even acting kindly like the Care Bears. The students at my school were acting the complete opposite of how the Care Bears were acting. I sat down and thought to myself for a while, “Am I acting like the Care Bears right now? The Care Bears told me to love one another, but the students of my school weren’t showing any love or caring to me. Why should I do the same?”

Then I found the answer that I was looking for in my problem with my school. I wasn’t caring like the other students weren’t caring for me. I was being just as uncaring as the other students in my school. What would the Care Bears say to me about how I was trying to fix my problem? I bet the Care Bears would be disappointed with me since I was breaking every single rule they made on T.V. and that made me feel terrible inside. I was acting just as bad as the other students were at my school.

After the Care Bears show ended, I went to my room and thought to myself about what I just found out, “What were the Care Bears were trying to tell me?” They wanted me to care and love the other students no matter what they did or say to me. If you think about the feelings of others, you can figure out that every single person, no matter who, has some good in them.

I was looking at the way the other students were treating me in the wrong way. I thought to myself, “I’m just like the kids in the Care Bears show that they are trying to save. The kids on the Care Bears show don’t know what do to do at all to fix their problems. Then out of nowhere, the Care Bears come and save the day by changing for the better the way the children think of their problems. I found the way the Care Bears acted was the way I had to fix this problem.”

The first motto fixed my first problem with the students, but what was so important about the other motto the Care Bears had, “You should share your feelings as it makes you cozy inside?” Then the problem was fixed when I found out what the second Care Bear Motto meant. The second motto meant that I should always tell my loved ones what’s going on around me. I was not telling my loved ones that I needed help and that I held all my troubles inside of me. Telling my mom and dad would let out all my stress and it might resolve my problem with the teasing in my school.

I went to go tell my mom about all the teasing and harassing the students at my school were putting me through. Mom was glad that I told her about the problems in my school and gave me a big hug. I thought that my mom would go into deep depression right about then, but instead she looked rather happy. She felt much better than before and told me that I made the right decision and that she would notify the school as soon as possible.

The next day in school when I arrived, everyone had changed dramatically. The kids weren’t ranting on and on about me being different. They actually wanted to know what autism was. I told the other students about all the misery they put me through. After that, all the students in my class became a lot nicer to me and I still remember the words that the Care Bears said to me that made my life in elementary school so much easier, “Love one another as you would yourself. You should share your feelings as it makes you cozy inside.”

The Care Bears show changed my life, and to this very day, I only watch shows that have a meaning in them. I don’t really care if the show was designed for three year olds. If the show teaches me lessons and morals that will help me in everyday life, I say the show is good and ignore what other people tell me.

I still have a huge appreciation for the Care Bear shows today and the lessons they taught me. That one show changed my life and helped me understand more about my autism. I can see classmates becoming good like the Care Bears say, “No matter the person, there is always a little bit of good in them.” I found out that you should look for the good in everyone and then you’ll see that everybody has a place in this world. Nobody in the world is truly evil and can change.

After following the Care Bear’s advice, I made lots of friends in my once hated school and became one of the most well liked students as well. Everyone in the school knew who I was and I became one of the more popular students in the school. I continue to live with my autism with greater respect for it. Also, I am on the look out for more T.V. shows like the Care Bears that can add new morals to my life.

I feel deep down inside God gave me a wonderful gift which is autism. With my autism, I will do wonderful feats that will make the world a better place to live in for all.