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characters i will use in this animaiton (time I joined Hellsfury and the enitre pq i did during that time with... them i remember it well lol I was so noobish back then.) The one who invited me was XcambopunkzX So he'll be the one inviting me to the guild at the end of the animation. BAsiclaly all the characters wll act like how the person acted as I remember back than at that Ludi pq...since is when we had hellsfury not the new one Zengetsu only the ones in Hellsfury wil make an appeance...therefore no Zentgetsu members will make an apperance... I know I made you all mad for leaving I bet some of you cursing me...but this new program for animtion that I will be doing 3d animtion will require a lot of my time and I wont be able to play maple and pass these hard classes. Howcver that doesnt mean i cant make maple movies (hint :D) I assume all of you listed below have my permission to use yo uin my animation nice to see the anime versions of yourself...if your name is listed here but you dont want to be here...I'll erase your name from the list and make up some name for your character. MY email is (you can just email me if you want to keep in touch lol would be nice)

I really hope this animaiton will please everyone. Its my farewell gift and final tribute to this wonderful game good bye all I'm so sorry.

(animation is still in prograss if any of these people dont want me be in it tell me now im seroius i dont want to undo my work after i finish it. AS of now its 3 minutes long and Jaonithin already got off the ludi boat and the opening credits are done and met XcambopunksX who then told Jaonithin to do a ludi pq. Yellowmagi and ginneee aready made their appearance and im drawing the scene with the leader Hellsfury and DmanXxX arguement. Im gonna get my friends to do soem of the voices i hope they dont mess it up lol it'll make a lot of my freinds in maple story mad i bet. I'm now on stage 1 :D wish me luck.

( due to problems wit hcomp and problems with storyline..i haveto redo it...redrawing all characters and will post up concept art or what they will look likw in anime form. after i draw them 1 time it will be very easy for me to draw them again the same way.

Charactes that will make an apperance ot in order of appearance and what they will wear

Jaonithin lv 40 crossbowman (Yep i look noobish) (guess what i finished the boat scene...drawign that damn boat took forever,,,and drawing that scene of them walking to ludi pq was hard....)

YellowMagi lv42 Ice/Lighting Wizard (he didn have nx yet and he did wear white hat and yes i know his overall is black but in the anime it wil be hard to tell them apart...hes an ice mage so its gonna be blue :D) (yellowmagi is drawn and i gave him a manly like attitute. He will seem to know everything and give pointers to everyone during the test. He will have the least amount of scenes when it comes to fighting as we can assume anything he attack will freeze solid and be defeated to boring :D)

Hellsfury lv42 Fire Wizard (didnt have red nose but rest is the same,was lv42 so only cystal wand...given green overall or else he'll look the same as Xcambopunkz...) (i wil rip of sailor moons sniper attack from that show its to perfect. If you saw sailor moon fire off her fire sniper attack then you know how hells will attack. I decided to make him the silent type hes silent in game too.

DmanxXx Lv 40 Spearman (using ordinary lv40 model i know he has a skull cap but not when i first pq with him it was a yellow duke) I want him to be the know it all and the guy who makes fun of everyone else in a mature way. Ill give him a voice simular to Vincent from final fantasy 7 and constantly make him call Jaonithin and his guild members "noob" if he acted like he really did it'll be boring

Ginneee Lv35 Assassin (using mokbis and some kumis not sure if she had tobis at lv35)

Ginneee will act a lot like naruto with his quirky attutude and wanting to show off even if it hurts her in the end. Im gonna give her a high pitched voice thats a little annoying and hopefully it'll all work out.


Xcambopunkz LV35 Cleric (he will be the one who invites me to the guild and dies in the end cause that what happend in that pq)

THe nice guy who seems to be the nicest guy in the team. Complmenting his team members and workign hard to keep them alive. Scene with him in the boat is done as well as the scene in ludi pq.

This animation will be completed soon I hope it comes out well...this wil be my final tribute to this game...I really enjoyedit...


For all wodnering how its gonna look my version of iron arrow any good?

I alrady did ice beam and fire arrow and haste and slash balst they all look good wish me luck


Since Credits are the easiest to do :D I completed it 100% you all go the credits lol the rest of the animation coming soon...

TESTER PRE PQ (Obvoius what this is... here to show you viewers what the animation will look like XD...the rest of the prelude will be completed soon i promise...i will add music and if i can afford a 150 dollar microphone i wil add voices too... PRe pq means the events of what happened before we enter stage 1 of ludi pq dont expect to see ashlar anytime soon...

CREDITS OF LUDI PQ (These names arent guranteed but most likely these will be the chosen voices for the characters...)


some concept art of my characters

I know these look bad but these are the black and white version of hwat i think all the cahractesr wil look like in the anime...when i color most of them i hope it all works out XD...aslo im really sure that once animated and colored this will lookffien...this is not guranteed to be what they willl exactly will look like but clsoe the further dow nyou go the closer you are to seeing the finished product as i put the oldes ones near the top and the newst near the bottom

(over the school year i wont have any tiem to wrok on this gotta wait until summer but once i start i wont stop until im finished XD...this anime will be put on youtube in the near future)


first drawing of gin really bad i stoped after the head basically...was goign to throw away but kept due to how i liked the head

what i think it should look like


yellowmagis head...hes going to be the smart one in the anime..therefore i went with his lv60ish hair cut look...not bad...plan to add glasses later on... look at all the mistakes i made wit hthe hair...the hardest part of all to get right XD...

Jaonithihn's head I know it isnt colored....but the shape looks about right

<-jaonithin ya thats me XD

first friend i ever got in maplestory tabayo thus getting a spot in the anime as JAoniothin's best friend...he looks nothing liek he does in the game but to bad he doesnt play maplestory anymore

<-tabayo a bowman whos Jaonithin's friend

gin with entiore body...meh needs some work i think she needs to be dreesed better but the body build is correct...

version1 gin body

messed up yellowmagi looks to innocent XD oh well better tehn every single other version i did so far....needs to look more mature

yellowmagi version 1

woot finally my first finished character this is exactly what jaonithin will look in anime halfway through the show (lvs 40-60) you can count on him looking like this

finished version lv40-60 Jaonithin


JAonithin now at lv110 XD wow i likey might use sometime later on

Cute little Yuki my pet gonna be one of the things hopefully that will keep the people coming back for more...her role of the story is huge and loks cute as well (hopefully allowing soem females to enjoy this show alogn with the males) this cahracter came from inspirations from all the anime i wacthed in the always needs 1 or more cute character that is the mascot of the show to succeed...

Yuki the cute pet of Jaonithin for the anime