Generally these are pics of the game maple story :) I picked the best of them and stuck them on here...

As an added bonus i added some movies i thought were great at the bottom..please note these will begin to pile up lol...

Look at my name it says hellsfury...when i first joined hellsfury..and addictiveness started i didnt talk much until i started asking about how i draw.


Genrally my damage before my rower is equiped. Man i thought that was great back then

Strange So many mages: they used to be so popular it's insane


MY final pq I soloed alshar and won :)

A maxed iron finally but its damg is low :( at this point i was begining to think of quiting the guild was falling apart

My lame piece of junk christmas tree :|

My first encounter with a lv 100 IM SEROUS!!! kinda gave me motive

My damages from the lvs51-59

A common occurance in Forest of golem getting mobbed :|

Zackum Pq Begining :D

Finally some decent damg lv 60 really changes the damg output no atk gloves yet...

The largest amount of bans ive ever seen :|

Me being cruel to Yuki cause im bored lol

Im scared time to fight Althenas cruel though all the other clones are male why do i get to fight a woman O_O

LV1 Strafe damg :)

The fight against papa pixie we won in the end :)

Now that I'm a Sniper even coming to close range can mean instant death: MORTAL BLOW does 800-2.8k damg and a 1% chane of instant death at only Lv 1 32% of the time. Pic blow is animation of mortal blow...:D

Time for some snow...BLIZZARD :D

Me wandering around Omega Sector :D (look how fast im moving poor Yuki lagging so far behind)

OMG GACHAPON YO UJUST MADE MY DAY :D 2 DARK SCROLLS!!!! OMG!!!! (i made 50 mil for those 2 staff scrolls alone XD)




OWNAGE >:D maxed eruption hurts a lot....

Testing out strafe damg around herseys training ground at lv97

(note green mushroom defense is very low...i acutally do a lot less to my intended targets..I think i average at around 7k damg on squids cause they reduce my damage by around 1000 for each hit of strafe reducing my overall damg by like 4000 i never saw i strafe hit for more then 3.4k damg there)


The new me :D with lv110 xbow

one of the coolest cash shop items in the game XD thats me swinging my xbow

Ouch!!! that gotta hurt!!! 13,079 damg and shot in the back XD

Strafe before learning Sharp eyes yes its bad...-_-

Sharp eyes level 3 used for the first time :D time for some ownage

What a difference compare this to lv118!!! this is so much better


Joined up with legitsunited and helped with the first z-run

Crazy fun with gobies

First time i used pierce was so cool oh ya theres frost prey for you :D

Finally earned my helm thanks to legitsunited

This is crazy i used onyx apple look at my new crazy attack range!!

Prepating for the snipe quest and sad to see another friend go...

Yellowmagi you will always be remembered..

What i have in my inventory for the snipe quest yes its a lot

but i'm ready

Learned snipe I'm so happy

Snipes damage is crazy this is a good skill to bad it dcs me a lot

killing anego she went down really fast

killing the boss at himes with buddies

was fun...

Movies i found on youtube that I liked < A gm event in which the gms summons tons of monsters un the free market..starts off easy like slimes and then slow upgrades to dark golems, then the maladys, then jr barlogs start appearing, those yeti with spear <forgot name>, and lastly all the bosses appears a very cool movie >< A pokemon rip of..really... music is kinda annoying seeing as its the original gameboy music is sounds kinda blocky as it was in 1998. i reconmend you mute sound for this one unless you are a serious pokemon fan and wnna hear the orginal pokemon music from the origanal gameboy in all its beeps and bloops It loops at least 5 times throught the entire thing :( gets on your nerves sometetimes. This one has a trainer with a lv100 maplers plaing the part as the pokemon bayleff and they are tryign to catch a pokemon a lv117 mage O_O. They use maple attacks to make pretend they are using attacks and the ending is quite funny.Overall very funny you'll really only hate it if you hate pokemon and/or maple story> < Largest amount of deaths ever from summon bags. Basically everyone who was in the general area died to barlogs hands lol it starts to rain graves in the movie. Good thing i wasn't there to witness it O_O that thing was doing over 2000 damages to the ludi pqers. <Ok to make this clear this isnt a maple story show. Its' the show for super mario bros 3 in which the player beat it in 11 mins fro mstart to end. Dont believe me? Go watch... > <The tables are turned on the pros they are beaten by a noob. Very funny but its just still pictures and the title is called theguild vs a snail to let you know what lies ahead' < a korean commercial of maple story that uses real people playign the parts of the maple characters...short but sweet :)>

A violent DBZ comedy with maple characters very bloody so make sure you are ok with gory deaths.


<SKIP THIS ONE PLEASE START ON #2 i put it here so you got all 3. worst one one the 3 by a lot.>



<Cameo appreaces of tiger and sushi on this one :)>



<Pvp to the max a pro goes aorund owning noobs> : a guy uses exp hair and face and gues what happens :D. VERY FUNNY!!! The life of a noob :D

Part 2 of the life of a noob :D VEry funny...

<The 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf Maple sytle>

<Pokemon rap mixed with some ddr :D with maple characters>

<A bunch of failure commericals its funny it uses maple characters>

<A 4th job Biship detailed(cant understand its korean) to getting 4th job and mount and shows off all the skills olf the Bishop:D>

<all the 4th job skills here use the cursor to skip back and foward

goes in this order warriors,bowman,thiefs,then mages>

<Look at this a game ripping off maple story big time :|>